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Leonard Baeta





Leonard Baeta is a sixth grade teacher in Elk Grove, California. He has over 20 years of teaching experience and a passion for helping others through education. Leonard genuinely looks forward to teaching each day and is always striving to develop an environment where students feel safe and comfortable to learn everything he has to teach them. Leonard Baeta approaches teaching as a way to enrich students’ lives and brings his ‘A’ game each and every day.

Leonard Baeta began his career as a coach. He is a great lover of any and all sports therefore coaching came naturally to him. After years of coaching Leonard realized what he genuinely loved about coaching was the education aspects. Leonard Baeta had a propensity for teaching and helping students and chose to pursue education as a career to become an even better educator. Initially Leonard Baeta went to school at North Central College to become a youth pastor as working with kids was his passion. After graduating he became an Education major at National University in Santa Clara and obtained several teaching credentials including his CLAD and GLAD certifications. Leonard Baeta is always teaching his students to be the best they can be and he leads by example. Currently he is obtaining his Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Western Governors University.

In his first teaching position as a student teacher he quickly found his calling by designing and teaching lessons in a variety of subjects ranging from math to social studies. Leonard Baeta later accepted a position teaching in an Elementary school where he developed and implemented daily and unit lesson plans for sixth graders, administered testing, analyzed class performance and conducted group activities in a variety of subjects. Leonard worked for many years at several schools and eventually accepted his current position at Bannon Creek Elementary School. He still develops lesson plans and analyzes class performance as well as conducting group and individual math and science activities and leading parent/teacher conferences.

Currently, Leonard Baeta is teaching multiple subjects to the sixth graders at Bannon Creek Elementary School. He has taught sixth grade for 21 out of his almost 23 years of teaching. Leonard loves helping students learn and finding the best learning style that works for them. His favorite parts of teaching are the ‘Ah ha!’ moments where students come to the realization that they understand the material and have what it takes to succeed if they work hard. Leonard Baeta works hard to help each student achieve these victories whether small or large. Leonard Baeta’s philosophy is based on trust. He believes that if students can trust their teachers then they are better equipped to learn, ask questions, and seek help.

Outside of the classroom Leonard Baeta is happily married with four children whose ages range from 14-20 years. They enjoy the little things in life such as going for walks with their two dogs, going to the park, playing tennis, and bowling as a family. They are regulars at the local bowling alley, love to eat out and have fun in the sun together in their backyard swimming pool.

Leonard’s History in Education

Natomas Unified School District
Bannon Creek Elementary – Aug. 2017 to Present

Leonard Baeta is currently working at Bannon Creek Elementary, a division of the Natomas Unified School District, where he teaches sixth grade and covers multiple subjects.

Newark Unified School District
Newark Junior High School – Aug. 2015 to Aug. 2017

From 2015 to 2017, Leonard Baeta worked at the Newark Junior High School, a division of the Newark Unified School District, where he worked as a math teacher, teaching Math 8 Common Core. He also taught the sixth grade where he covered multiple subjects as part of the curriculum.

Fremont Christian School
Secondary Campus – Aug. 2011 to June 2015

Leonard Baeta taught at the Fremont Christian School Secondary campus for four years where he instructed the sixth and seventh grades, developing lesson plans as well as administering tests and evaluations and tracking and analyzing student performance. Leonard was an active participant in faculty and parent conferences, and fostered an educational environment in his classroom.

Fremont Christian School
Elementary School – Sept. 1996 to June 2011

While teaching at Fremont Christian Elementary School, Leonard Baeta taught the sixth grade where he developed daily lesson plans as well as unit lesson plans, which he implemented. He also administered all testing, and worked to track and analyze his class’s performance. Alongside developing an excellent rapport with his students and fostering a classroom environment conducive to learning, he lead group and one-on-one activities in science, social studies, math, writing, and reading.