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The end of the school year is often a bittersweet and anticipated time for both students and teachers alike. After an entire year of learning and growing, students now have a new and more developed set of skills worth reflecting on and sharing. For many kids, it will be the last time they will be placed with the same set of classmates, and for teachers, the last time they will see these students daily. The close of the school year is a busy time as last minute projects are finishing up and kids are jumping at the chance to start their summer break. Close out the year with the following end of the year projects:

Create a time capsule

Time capsules are great fun for all involved. Time capsules entail burying or hiding a capsule that contains items from the current year. Encourage students to write short stories, create pictures, and leave behind art for students to open later. Students should consider helpful tips and advice future students may want to know. They can leave behind treasured items that symbolize the year. In five or ten years, the time capsule can be opened again and shared with new students. If possible, the students responsible for the capsule can be involved created a beloved memory for all.

Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts can involve physical items, such as items throughout the classroom or outside in nature. Or, create a scavenger hunt based off of a specific topic that the kids will need to research. Split up the class into groups or pairs and set them on their way! Not only is it a great way for students to learn something new but they will also enjoy moving around – especially towards the end of the year!

Build a board game

Building a board game can be a fun activity for students of almost any age. It will engage in critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Board games can be based on a topic learned throughout the school year or can have a certain theme such as “environmental responsibility.” Students will need craft supplies such as poster board, markers, and rulers. Encourage the kids to work in groups and test out each other’s games.

Write a new ending

Allow students to choose their favorite book, poem, or historical event and task them with writing a new ending. This activity encourages kids to use logic, rationale, and creativity to consider how alternative actions could change the sequence of events and in turn, the ending to a particular story. Kids can illustrate the story’s end using art supplies or can simply write it out and present it to the class.