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Teaching is one of the most honorable professions one can take part in. By becoming a teacher, you are devoting your time and your life to the positive development of today’s youth. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced educator, here are some tips on becoming a great teacher.


Have Faith

Have faith in all of your student, even if they have appeared to have given up. You never know, you may be the only person in your student’s life that supports and believes in them.


Teach Beyond the Classroom

Realize that teaching extends far belong the classroom. By teaching, you are having a profound effect on your students’ lives. Don’t think that teaching is just for the classroom. Students remember their teachers for the rest of their lives, so keep this in mind and act accordingly.



Keep control of your classroom. Avoid the mistake of letting your classroom become a free-for-all, where students can do whatever they please. Classroom order goes a long way.



Push your students, but not too hard. It’s always best to ask highly of your students, but this can backfire if the pressure is too high. The goal is education, not perfection.


Stick to Decisions

Stick to your decisions. Avoid being indecisive, because when your students see this, they being to doubt your instructions and your guidance.



Be friendly, but not a friend. Draw the line, letting your students know that you are their teacher, not their buddy. Many beginner teachers make this mistake.


Demand Respect

Demand respect from your students. Don’t let students walk all over you, call you by your first name, or do other disrespectful acts. Allowing such things will lead to your loss of control over the classroom.


Don’t RambleĀ 

Avoid rambling. When giving a lecture or instructing students, avoid babbling. Choose your words carefully. The more you speak, the less value your words hold.


Know Your StudentsĀ 

Get to know your students. Don’t make your students feel as if they are simply a number. Become familiar with your student’s ambitions and dreams, and encourage them to do their best in life.



Honor your profession. Teaching is a noble profession, so avoid talking or even thinking negatively about the daily tasks you partake in. Recognize the profound responsibility you hold in the community as an educator, and do your best to honor it.